Increase High School Graduation Rates

Teach, train, motivate and inspire youth to
"Achieve Straight A's in the School of Life!"

"The School of Life is entered by all,
and everyone must live it.
Those who realize their full potential
Achieve Straight A's while in it!"

The Curriculum

The workbook titled Learn to "School" your Toughest Opponent is the manual used for this training and enlightenment.

The book contains a 10 step formula on how to obtain success, peace, and happiness in the "School of Life". Each step is an "A" with a simple homework assignment. For example the first "A" is Appreciation. Learn how having gratitude in your life can impact you in many ways. Your homework to achieve this "A" is sending a thank you message to someone every week!

*quote from the book

Robert W. Woodruff, a prominent business leader of a former time, toured the United States giving a lecture which he entitled "A Capsule Course in Human Relations." In his message, he said that the two most important words in the English language are these: "Thank you."

Frequently expressed, the words "thank you" will cheer your spirit, broaden your friendships, brighten the world around you, and lift your life to a higher pathway. When you take the time to thank people for the things they do for you, they will often have a desire to repeat the kind word or deed. This helps to build synergy that grows with great power.

The Program

The school becomes a School of Life partner in assisting youth to reach their full potential and measuring the results of the curriculum. Certified School of Life trainers teach the course in after school settings. Please contact us if you desire information on how to start the program at your school.

Instructors from the School of Life Foundation are also available to share motivational messages with youth groups and other organizations. Please contact us for details.


Christy W. Hutchinson
Prevention Coordinator
Davis County School District

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Larry G. Bergeson, M.Ed.
Superintendent of Schools
Washington County School District

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Justin Keate
Vice Principal
Desert Hills High School

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Jim McKim
Director of Alternative Education
Southwest High School

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Julia Frehner
Certified School of Life Foundation Trainer

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Cynthia Smith
Asistant Principal
Northridge High School

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Jennifer Ranson
School Psychologist
Washington County School District

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